AX-570 android “Barron Trump” returned to a Japanese factory after malfunction causes it to attack


“As the AX-570 android referred to as “Barron” appeared to grow in its capacity to feel, perceive, and experience subjectivity, the android’s aggression toward president Trump grew exponentially.”

Barron Trump was returned to the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute (ATRI) in Suita, Japan today after a series of dangerous malfunctions that put the president’s life at risk.

Sources inside of the White House say that Barron – an AX-570 android whose programming was developed at Osaka University – began to show signs of sentience as he spent more and more time with his owner Melania.

“As Barron, appeared to grow in his ability to feel, perceive, and experience subjectivity, the android’s aggression toward president Trump grew exponentially,” ATRI researcher Kaito Nakamura stated.

Although the White House declined to provide details on the attacks, they did reveal that the hostilities with Barron left the president suffering from severe PTSD. Since then, Trump has been left with an inability to trust fellow humans because “anyone could be a robot.”

Because of this, many are waiting to see if president Trump becomes suspicious of his own staff who, like robots, all lack empathy, shame, and self-awareness.

Photo Credit Wikimedia

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