Trump just invited the Taliban to ‘fly into Trump Tower’ with a poorly-worded tweet


With the 9/11 meeting fast approaching, the Taliban says they’re ready to make a really big impact.

After cancelling their initial “top secret” meeting, President Trump issued a hastily-written invitation to the Taliban via tweet this morning asking them to “fly into” Trump Tower in New York on September 11th.

Meanwhile, the Taliban issued a response through Al Jazeera news stating “We accept. The Great White Devil has never had a better leader. Praise be to Donald Trump!”

With September 11th fast approaching, the Taliban and Trump both say they’re ready to make a real impact.

“Some big personalities are going to collide up there somewhere around the 57th or 58th floor,” Trump stated. “In fact folks, I think one of those conference rooms is big enough to fit a whole airplane’s worth of people.”

“Overall,” Trump concluded “it will be great to have Taliban members spend some time in a New York City skyscraper instead of flying in and disintegrating as they pass on through.

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