U.S. Treasury is Voiding the Value of the $20 Bill Due to Problems With New Harriet Tubman Twenty

Get rid of your twenty dollar bills before it’s too late! The U.S. Treasury Department says it will be taking the value of a $20 bill down to zero.


The New Apple Pro Display XDR Comes in 127 Parts, Each Sold Separately

“In one of the 127 boxes customers will find a serial number,” Cook stated. “That is the number they will enter online; unlocking the ability to purchase the instruction manual for putting the device together.”

Southwest Airline’s ‘Take Your Snake to Work Day’ Backfires Horribly

“We’re asking that all passengers take a look in overhead storage and under their seats to avoid crushing the reptiles and to assist in their capture.”

U.S. Unveils 5,000 Brand New Cages For Children on World Refugee Day

“America can’t take the tired, poor, huddled masses in without somewhere to put ’em.”

Republicans Blame Parkinson’s For Racial Gerrymandering After Ban By Supreme Court

Deliberately drawing zigzagging lines around all the white people will no longer be an option.

New DespAir bnb Will Arrange Lodging for Hipsters in the Ghetto

“There’s no better way to seem interesting than with a story about the time you were held at gunpoint by the East Harlem crew for wearing the wrong color romper.”

Kids, Give Dad What He Really Wants For Father’s Day: The Divorce Papers


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