New DespAir bnb Will Arrange Lodging for Hipsters in the Ghetto

New DespAirbnb Will Arrange Lodging for Hipsters in the Ghetto

Airbnb has announced their new service – DespAir bnb – which will connect hipsters with places to stay in rundown sections of cities.

“This is the perfect opportunity for people with handlebar mustaches to tell impoverished minorities about goji berries as they scope out the area for gentrification opportunities” Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky stated. “Plus, there’s no better way to seem interesting than with a story about the time you were held at gunpoint by the East Harlem crew for wearing the wrong color romper.”

DespAir bnb says their first 100 customers will get a free trip to Chernobyl with a professional Instagram photo shoot included.

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Hipster photo credit: osseous, modified.
Shooter photo: tony alter