Mr. Clean Cosplayers Host Bonfire Party in Dayton, Ohio

The group stands out by wearing white clothing, often with pointed hoods to keep their bald heads warm.

Piling Bodies, Trash & Feces Make Mount Everest 9 Feet Taller Every Week

“It’s an odd hellscape where you can hear people scream as their bones crunch under your boots.”

Study: Guys Use 3X More Lotion Than Girls, and Yes, You Know Why

“At least 87% of lotion used by men is vigorously rubbed on less than 1% of their bodies.”

Most Americans Happy Game of Star Wars is Over

“If fans are demanding a complete reshoot of the final season, then I’ve avoided 71 episodes of anticlimactic bullshit.”

Sarah McLachlan Passes The Curse of The Arms of The Angel on to Maelyn Jarmon Live on The Voice

Elders of the ASPCA materialized on stage. Cloaked in black hoods, they hovered and waited for Jarmon to sign their commercial contract in her own blood.

Your Accurate Horoscope For Today

“Sagittarius (11/22 – 12/21) – You are feeling ecstatic and delighted inside – creating a real impact on those around you. Just go along with your…”

Kim Kardashian Sues Jack in the Box Over Explosive Diarrhea

“Because of the extreme food poisoning, Kim has also experienced dramatic silicone loss in the [expletive], lip and breast regions.”

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