Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Gave His MVP Trophy to a Nearby Native American Tribe

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes handed his MVP Trophy over to the nearby Kickapoo Native American Tribe today as a “sign of respect for local Native Americans.”

“As long as our team name, logo, and mascot continue to bring in hundreds of millions of dollars through branding which is nothing short of cultural appropriation, I can’t truly be proud of my team.”

Mahomes says he is also donating one dollar for every ‘tomahawk chop,’ man wearing a headdress, and shitty facepaint job that he saw this year to the Kickapoo tribe; a group of people whose land used to include the same space where Arrowhead Stadium is today. The quarterback figures that amount to be just over one million dollars.

In response, Chiefs CEO Clark Hunt made a statement expressing disappointment in Mahomes decision.

“The NFL is all about masculinity; there is no room for deep thinking. Having said that, if this will lift the curse from constructing Arrowhead Stadium on an Indian burial ground, then we’re willing to let it slide. Fuck, I’ll build a whole stadium to keep all the Native Americans in if we could win a goddamned Super Bowl.”

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