FaceTime Bug Causes Small Wormholes to Appear & Suck Up iPhones, Nearby Objects

A coding bug in Apple’s popular video messaging app FaceTime has been causing wormholes to materialize near users phones. The result is that iPhones and nearby objects have been sucked into these wormholes.

NASA researcher Peter Saunders described the phenomenon.

“A wormhole can be visualized as a tunnel with two ends, each at separate points in that spacetime. Simply put, Apple has accidentally created a shortcut through spacetime.”

Apple released a statement today addressing the matter.

“Since we do not fully understand what happens when an object travels through a wormhole, there’s no way to retrieve your iPhone, cat, baby, et cetera at this point,” Apple CEO Tim Cook stated. “That is unless you buy our new iPhone-E which comes with a surrounding sphere of negative energy so you can just reach into that wormhole and fish out your stuff.”

The new iPhone-E will allow for basic wormhole manipulation and have a price tag starting at $3,199 (Dyson Sphere charger sold separately).

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