Fox & Friends’ Steve Doocy Pretends to be Gay for 50th Straight April Fools Day


“Steve and Tim will hold hands, and sometimes even kiss,” laughed Earhardt.


Trump Signs Reckless ‘Paperless Earth’ Green Initiative Into Law


A painting by President George W. Bush shows his prediction of the future.

Strange Foods Only Found in These States


Weird Foods the Locals Eat: From Alabama to Wisconsin. Would You Try Them? #StrangeFood

Controversial ‘We Ate a Zoo’ Sequel Coming to Theaters This Fall

The movie reaches its tipping point when Damon’s children begin to ask why their favorite pig ‘Oinkers’ has gone missing.

Google & Pampers Partner to Make ‘Pampers Glass’ Diapers


“Now it will look like you want to pay attention to your baby.”

Obama Shows Kenyan Birth Certificate After Leaving D.C. Mosque


Obama was confronted while leaving a mosque.

Olympic Figure Skater Disowned After Coming Out as Straight


Team refuses to speak to straight, male figure skater. #WinterOlympics

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