World Cup Spectator Deaths Decrease by Nearly 1,800 in 2018


Nigerian fans brought 2,500 colorfully-painted, live chickens into Russia’s Kaliningrad Stadium.


Trump Thinks He Nominated Glenn Sturgis from ‘Superstore’ to Supreme Court


Trump intended to nominate Mark McKinney who plays the role of Glenn Sturgis in NBC’s ‘Superstore’.

Trump is Selling ‘Urine-Scented’ Perfume


‘MAGA’ is a unisex perfume boasting liquefied $100 bills as a key ingredient.

Jeff Sessions is Using Marijuana to Cope With His Job


The amount of marijuana that Mr. Sessions consumes on a daily basis is staggering.

Neil Degrasse Tyson is Donating Sperm in Massive Quantities

Tyson offered a confusingly graphic, yet scientific explanation.

Starbucks is Opening Separate Restrooms for Black Customers


“Overall, we just want to make everyone feel more welcome and safe at Starbucks.”

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