Deadliest Toys From The 90’s

A handheld digital pet hailing from Japan, the Tamagotchi was a needy electronic animal that…


Steve Bannon Starts Line of Alcoholic Bananas


‘Bananons,’ will be infused with Everclear grain alcohol which…

Trump Supporters Denied ‘Protected Class Status’ Continue Fight


“As the Supreme Court of Alabama is the highest court in America, we will be continuing our fight on another path.”

McDonald’s to Open 375,000 New Restaurants: One for Each Employee


“This will allow every single employee to move up the ladder and manage their own McDonald’s.”

Packers Will Try Out All-Male Cheerleading Squad in Upcoming Season


“This move to male cheerleaders is a conscious effort to push back against female objectific…”

Pope Orders All ‘White Jesus’ Figures Removed from Churches


“Look people, this is ludicrous, Jesus was a white man,” said Kelly.

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