Tofurky Releases Trophy-Hunt Lion Steak, More Options
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Tofurky Releases Trophy-Hunt Lion Steak, More Options

Known for first making a vegetarian turkey replacement from a blend of wheat protein and organic tofu, the company behind Tofurky has announced new, controversial products.

“We’re trying to attract more meat-eaters by selling a diverse selection of what we are pretty sure they like to eat,” Turtle Island Foods CEO of Jaime Aithos stated. “We are starting with the traditional holiday mainstay of Trophy-Hunted Lion Steaks™.”

Turtle Island Foods says that other imitation products in the works include veal cutlets, foie gras, green sea turtle chunks, Chinook salmon fillets, rabbit ear jerky, fin whale slabs, and African forest elephant puree – all in plant-based protein form.

Aithos says that besides the Trophy-Hunt Lion Steaks™, they are quite excited to see how their human-flavored leprechauns are received for St. Patrick’s Day.

Tofurky Releases Trophy-Hunt Lion Steak, More Options
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