Colorado 4th Graders Create ‘Profane’ Word Cloud, Cause Uproar

***Content may not be suitable for all audiences. Image at end of article.***

Controversy has grown over a word cloud that was made by 4th graders at Stoned Creek Middle School in Denver, Colorado after their history teacher asked them to write down words that they believed described president Trump.

As a point of reference, word clouds are images composed of words used to describe a particular subject, in which the larger size of a word indicates that is was more frequently used.

Parents became aware of the controversial and profane results when the 4th graders’ teacher sent each child home with a framed version of their creation. According to the school, the teacher has been placed on paid leave until two dumb parents who support Trump calm down.

Colorado 4th Graders Create 'Profane' Word Cloud, Cause Uproar
Artwork by: Stoned Creek Middle School 4th Grade History Class. The masterpiece will be placed in the Smithsonian National Museum and is being regarded as an important artistic representation of modern day America.

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