Nearly Half of Boy Scouts Become Forest-Dwelling Socialists

Due to their incredible survival skills and thorough training, Boy Scouts frequently leave the organization finding no reason to become part of modern American society. In fact, approximately 47% of all Boy Scouts today go on to live reclusive, peaceful lives of solitude in densely wooded areas by the age of 16.

Unfettered by the inherently flawed conventions of money, forced social ties, and illogical societal norms, scouts often create harmonious woodland communities based on socialistic ideals and frequently maintain loving, homosexual relationships.

With the Boy Scouts of America being founded in 1910, and more than 110 million Americans having been scouts themselves, it is now estimated that a population of 35 to 45 million socialist scouts are currently living peacefully in our nation’s 850 million acres of forests.

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 4.58.29 PM.png
As an initiation into their new forest lives, Boy Scouts are required to symbolically renounce capitalism and American values by burning the flag.

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