Strange Spicy Food Trend Continues With ‘Tums FIRE!’

With the growing number of extra hot snacks, drinks and candies hitting the stores, the company who makes Tums, GlaxoSmithKline, has decided to throw their hat in the ring. The antacid maker announced their new product ‘Tums FIRE!” which they have referred to as an ‘insanely hot and addicting pre-antacid snack’.

Today, nearly all brands of chips are sold in hot or spicy flavors, but the trend has now grown to include Sweet Heat Starburst, Sour Patch Kids Fire, Sweet Heat Skittles, Jolly Ranchers Hotties and even Pepsi Fire – to name a few.

Notably, the recent release of a study regarding Tums FIRE! by the Food and Drug Administration said that the product ‘had no positive medical benefits for humans whatsoever’. The results also included the following facts regarding Tums FIRE!:

– Tums FIRE! measures in at 1,541,417 Scoville units – 1.5x’s hotter than a ghost pepper
– The product causes stomach pain and/or burning in the upper abdomen
– Difficulty swallowing is very common
– Chronic cough and persistent sore throat lasting for weeks
– Regurgitation of liquids and foods with a strong taste of acid
– Laryngitis

With none of the ingredients that will alleviate heartburn, and a slogan that simply reads “Fuck it.” Tums FIRE! still leaves that chalky feel in your mouth, but cannot legally be sold at pharmacies or near medicine.

Other prominent antacid competitors are already in the process of creating competing products. Expect Rolaids’ release of Rolaids Stänky Sour and Prevacid’s Carolina Reaper Pepper Pops by this fall.

Tums Fire Hot Spicy New Real
Tums FIRE! is packaged with safety in mind. Consumers are warned that touching the candy with their fingers and later touching their eyes will result in irreparable blindness.

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