Trump Supporters Denied ‘Protected Class Status’ Continue Fight

An organization called ‘Rebuilding America Now’ – which contributed over $20 million to the Trump campaign in 2016 – was blocked by the Alabama Supreme Court from receiving protected class status today. Their legal filing had claimed that Trump backers in the U.S. “fit the description of a protected class.”

A press release from the Lorraine Gaye and Kennith McCoy, who head the Rebuilding America Now Super political action committee, details their disappointment in a public statement:

“As proud supporters of President Donald Trump, we are a minority group. We only make up about 35-or-so percent of the American population, and our numbers are dwindling quickly. We are basic people with simple thoughts and common characteristics who deserve legal protection from discrimination. On the basis of these characteristics, we fit the definition of a group deserving this protection.”

Republican Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama, Lynn Stewart, who replaced predecessor and pedophile Ray Moore, read the courts’ majority opinion on the 9-0 decision, which included the following:

“Although the First Amendment allows U.S. citizens to express their personally held beliefs, the law is not in place to protect people from any backlash they may face. We have no reason to protect supporters of any president from differing opinions, especially when rooted in facts or reality. The legal system is not here to educate the unintelligent.”

In concluding the Rebuilding America Now press release, Gaye and McCoy ensured the president’s supporters that they will not stop their legal actions here:

“As the Supreme Court of Alabama is the highest court in America, we will be continuing by taking our fight on another path. Next we will be seeking protection via the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.”

Once their petition for Endangered Species status is filed, experts at the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service will then assess the status of the declining Trump Supporter species. Using information gathered from multiple sources, they will determine if this group is an eligible species for protection.

Craig Troutbuck, the Acting Director of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service also weighed in on the possible outcomes.

“There’s really three things we might see happen here,” said Troutbuck. “One, Trump Supporters could be rejected outright. Two, it’s possible that after review they will receive protection. Or thirdly, there might be another clarifying step in the process,”

Troutbuck elaborated on the third possibility.

“Although the Trump Supporter species may not qualify when first submitting as a group, there are cases in which people have resubmitted their request after breaking down the species into smaller subspecies that show unique variances within the group,” said Troutbuck.

“Subspecies of Trump Supporters  – just off the top of my head – would include the Loud and Racist Trumpeteer, the Misogynistic Moron, Rainbow-Closeted Homophobes, the Reclusive and Scared Xenophobe, and of course the Transphobic Trumpers who are known for marking their bathroom territory with “straight urine”.

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