Packers Will Try Out All-Male Cheerleading Squad in Upcoming Season

There has been a huge shakeup within the Green Bay Packer’s organization since their season ended last week. The team is saying goodbye their defensive line coach, defensive coordinator, assistant linebacker coach, and now their entire cheerleading squad.

Head coach Mike McCarthy commented on the cheer change in a press conference, stating:

“This move to male cheerleaders is a conscious effort to push back against female objectification, the rampant body shaming of women, and misogyny overall. So everyone should look forward to a sexy group of stunningly gorgeous men who truly look like they were chiseled by Michelangelo himself,” said McCarthy.

“Those who are leery of the change can rest assured that we will not be getting rid of the tight, revealing outfits or the green and gold sequins. Make no mistake, these enticing specimens will fill any sexual void that any fans may be anticipating,” concluded McCarthy.

NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, also weighed in on the matter on social media.
Roger Goodell Tweet Packers

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