Introducing Samsung Soft: The Smart TV that you can Punch


Samsung Soft: Televisions You Can Beat the Living **** Out Of.

Tom Brady on Super Bowl: ‘I Plan to Cheat Again’


“I wouldn’t necessarily call it cheating. That’s not the correct wording,” said Bilichick.

Most American Males have Larger Boobs Than Their Wives


Female researches have remained cold and distant, uninterested in helping to solve this growing problem.

Mitch McConnell is Obsessed with Mayonnaise and It’s Disgusting

“Mitch insists on having mayonnaise in every single meal he eats.”

Mike Pence Banned From Grindr


“Our first guideline for all users is that you cannot use nude photos in your profile, so that was strike one.”

Over 7% of This Year’s Winter Olympic Athletes are Blind


The visually impaired are suddenly excelling at winter sports and scientists want to know why.

Working Americans Cherish Flu Season


“I absolutely loathe flu season,” stated Comcast CEO Brian L. Roberts.

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