Trump to Ditch ‘Hairpiece’ in Gesture of ‘Full Transparency’

President Donald Trump announced today that he will be getting rid of his wig beginning on January 1st. Trump – who now admits to wearing a hairpiece – says that the decision came after a discussion with Kellyanne Conway regarding full transparency.

“After that conversation with Kellyanne, I said to myself in the mirror, ‘you know what Donald? You’re great! You really are terrific. You really are.’ And I am! Everyone knows it,” stated Trump.

“So to ring in the New Year, I’m going to be as transparent as possible,” uttered Trump.

“I’m going to be SO transparent that you will be like: ‘Hey! Where is he? Where did Donald go!?’ But, don’t worry – as your first bald President ever – I will never leave America’s side, never ever.” concluded Trump.

Here is an artist rendering of what many believe President Trump will look like after removing his wig:


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