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How to Identify Fake News

With so many fake – or satirical – news sites coming under fire in recent weeks, we thought we should share with you some key ways to minimize the negative impact of such websites.

Indeed, just because a website isn’t called “The Onion”, “The New Yorker” (Borowitz Report), “The Duffel Blog”, or “Clickhole”, doesn’t mean that the information is true. If this is your first time realizing this, then here is one very important, potential solution for you:

Work tirelessly to improve the education system that clearly failed you so that American children can grow up to decipher satire and humor from facts and reality. Raising an educated society will help us all to calm the fuck down and laugh for once at something that is clearly both fake and ironic. Perhaps people will even come to see why it is important to analyze the world in this way.

Not the option for you? It’s okay. There are, of course, other people who believe that our education system isn’t worth investing in. Some people think that teachers work short days, are over payed, and should teach non-scientific, religion-based “controversies” in science class. If that sounds like you, then here’s option number two:

Let our education system continue to decline into a cesspool of shit and then nobody will be able to read. But, but, but at least we won’t be smart enough to enjoy a laugh that requires an IQ of 90.

Also, all homophobic males are actually gay.

Additionally, here’s a quick, short list of other sites with fake or slanted news to watch out for:

Drudge Report
The Blaze
New York Post

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  1. Well, it appears that I’m not smart enough to distinguish genuinely fake from satirical news, since I just commented in your above article about all “homophobic males being gay”, thinking it was a genuinely fake, click-bait article and thus I rebutted it. Or maybe what’s really to blame is that this is my first time visiting your website, so I was not familiar with your style. Anyway, I find your satire funny and sharp 🙂

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