Michelle Obama Lifts Barack to Place Kenyan Symbol on Christmas Tree

As a Thanksgiving’s eve tradition with the U.S. Presidency, Michelle Obama today lifted up Barack in order for him to place a tree-topper ornament on the new White House Christmas tree. Breaking with the norm, the Obama’s chose the Kenyan Coat of Arms to set atop their 15-foot Holiday tree. Our First Lady, who towers at over 9’2″, lifted the President of the United States at exactly 5:00 PM sharp in The White House’s Blue Room to adorn the tree.

This is a longstanding tradition that spans the history of the U.S. Presidency; starting with the 5-foot-tall Martha Washington lifting up George Washington. In fact, the only break in the tradition came during the Taft presidency when Taft’s wife – 6’6″ Hellen Herron Taft – was unable to lift the president’s 6-foot-tall, 340 lb body for longer than 5 seconds.

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