American Psychologists Release Estimated IQ’s of Presidential Candidates

Prominent American psychologists have come together to assess the estimated IQ’s of several of the Presidential Candidates from this election cycle. The study, which involved over 1,000 top-rated psychologists, took the estimated IQ assessment from each psychologist and averaged them.

As a point of reference, 100 is considered to be the average Intelligence Quotient score. Take a look at what they found:


Hillary Clinton: 111.4

Bernie Sanders: 119.6

Martin O’Malley: 109.7

Lincoln Chafee: 91.7


Donald Trump: 89.7

Ted Cruz: 93.9

John Kasich: 101.3

Marco Rubio: 103.6

Ben Carson: 79.5

Jeb Bush: 100.4

Chris Christie: 100.7

Carly Fiorina: 107.3

Rick Santorum: 91.8

Rand Paul: 104.4

Mike Huckabee: 105.4

Scott Walker: 92.5

Rick Perry: 80.1

The psychologists included in their release that there is likely a direct correlation between voters’ intelligence and the IQ of who they support – adding that if Donald Trump were to win, it would be a direct reflection on our failed education system which needs a dramatic overhaul and should include free college education at public colleges and universities.

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American Psychologists Release Estimated IQ's of Presidential Candidates