Kim Davis Should be Released From Prison

Kim Davis Should be Released From Prison

Pastor Greg Laurie used to call me about five times a week at various times and tell me that the struggle to maintain religious liberty and control over complete strangers would be THE civil rights issue of a certain part of our society and generation. His words now seem prophetic.

On Thursday Pastor Laurie’s utterances were fulfilled by the overreaching hands of the United States Government. It wasn’t Obama taking our guns, it wasn’t Sharia Law taking over OUR country, and it wasn’t another government program to help the poor or sick.

(Not yet at least. God Willing – hopefully never.)

It was in the Commonwealth of Kentucky where Judge David Bunning forced God-fearing U.S. Marshalls to arrest Kim Davis – the noble and righteous clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky.

Davis is a devout Christian, just like myself, and many of my readers. Her personal beliefs focus heavily on certain parts of The Old Testament, while skimming over many other segments for peace-of-mind. She rightfully refuses to give licenses to the 19 openly gay couples in Kentucky because letting homosexuals marry would violate her own conscience – the inner voice or learned-from-childhood views that come from GOD and substantiates our deeply held personal opinions.

Judge Bunning has denied any accommodation to Davis’ personal religious beliefs when it comes to the lives of others. He refuses to see how important it is to be able for people like myself to be able to not only judge, but impact a complete stranger’s own personal lives and relationships.

I firmly believe that Judge Bunning is an atheist who is trying to intimidate our CHRISTIAN NATION that was clearly set up by the Founding Fathers to be just that – a GOD-FEARING CHRISTIAN NATION.

As they say. It’s Adam and Eve, NOT Adam And Steve. Because Adam and Eve had 2 sons that went on to populate AMERICA!

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Kim Davis Should be Released From Prison