Woman Who Has Barely Traveled Certain She Lives in Best City

“Stephenson, who has always lived in Naperville, Illinois, is dead sure that she was born and raised in the best place in the entire world. After being part of a poll by the PEW Research Team in which they interviewed nearly 3,200 people, PEW reported that Sarah – age 32 – was the most unwavering and…”


Majority of Atheists in Middle East Converting to Islam

“It was sad – devastating even,” said Abdullah. “But I understood my fellow atheist friends’ decisions to…”

Reports of Orange-ish Figure in Manhattan Surface

There have been several unconfirmed reports of an orange-ish figure in a black, flowing cloak wandering in Manhattan, New York. The specter appears to be targeting Fox News host Megyn Kelly by leaving a wide variety of arguably sex…

Ashley Madison Leak Includes Several Celebrities

Release include user names, real names, credit card information, addresses, and – perhaps most notably – sexual fetishes. We are sorry if anyone has been cheated on, but here is the celebrity list of Ashley Madison account holders…

Bill Cosby Admits to Slipping Pills to Subway’s Jared Fogle

Although he has denied ever drugging or raping any women, Bill Cosby has now admitted to purchasing and using date rape drugs on Subway’s spokesperson Jared Fogle. The shocking admission of guilt has left child pornography suspect Jared Fogle in the clear, but also with many questions…

American Families Blast Target for Removing Gender Labels

Target has announced that it is going to remove boy and girl labels from various aisles and items – including the toy section of its stores. The move, which will make at least all toys (and bedding) non-gender labeled, has caused an uproar in the United States.