2nd Quake Triggers Pope to Put Much Stronger Emphasis on Prayer vs. Action
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2nd Quake Triggers Pope: Vatican Puts Much Stronger Emphasis on Prayer vs. Action

2nd Quake Triggers Pope to Put Much Stronger Emphasis on Prayer vs. Action After another destructive earthquake today in Nepal, Pope Francis has now given both Christians and non-Christians a much more stern call-to-action. In his last message he asked for more productivity, but now he is being much, much more adamant about it. In his message today, Pope Francis broke status quo and had some hard hitting words to say. “I’m very saddened for those who are suffering in Nepal,” said Francis. “But I’m much more saddened by those who think that praying will do anything to help these people. A 7.8 and 7.3 earthquake with aftershocks over 6.0 – that is the reality.” Wiping a tear from his eye, Pope Francis continued, “Praying for everything to be fixed is the fantasy. If God cared, this would never have occurred. Send money. Volunteer. Actually help these devastated people.” proclaimed Pope Francis. Understandably, many around the globe have been shocked by Pope Francis and his different, actually-fix-the-problem, type of thinking. Notably, the Pope has now announced that he will start selling off millions of dollars worth of art that the Vatican owns in order to help Nepal and other people severely hurt by the “acts of God” that come up frequently.

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