Pope Says Nepal Earthquake is an ‘Act of God’ and Calls for Change

Pope Says Nepal Earthquake is an 'Act of God' and Calls for Change

Pope Francis has come out in a statement saying that the horrific 7.8 Nepal earthquake was an “act of God which we should all pay attention to.” As an admittedly ‘different’ kind of Pope, he has asked for people, not just Catholics, world-wide to take action.

“I know that normally previous Popes and religious leaders would ask you to pray for those in Nepal,” stated Pope Francis. “In lieu of this, I’m asking for people to take real action by donating money, physically helping, and simply doing things that make sense and will actually work.”

His further written statement continued on by saying that this earthquake was “an act of God” which Catholics need to “take heed as a warning.”

“If Catholics keep thinking that prayer will fix things, then the world will never be a better place,” stated Pope Francis. “We all need to stop kneeling and praying and start actually doing because ‘God’s plan’ isn’t always in the best interest when one becomes aware of the human condition.”

Pope Says Nepal Earthquake is an 'Act of God' and Calls for Change
(Pope Francis calling on all humans to start making a real difference)

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