Obama Hits Milestone with 1000th Utterance of “Let me be clear”

Obama Hits Milestone with 1000th Utterance of "Let me be clear"

Today, the polling organization Gallup announced that President Barack Obama has officially uttered the phrase “let me be clear,” for the 1,000th time in a televised speech. Gallup Poll, which is known for their unbiased, informative polls is now facing criticism from many on the left for even monitoring such a fact.

Keith Olbermann took time on his occasionally political ESPN2 show, which is aptly named “Olbermann” to comment.

“Gallup is run by mostly white males who are just mad that a black man is in charge of the country and can speak very well.” Olbermann continued, “They picked a single trait this intelligent American leader has and decided to make it seem like a flaw. He has no flaws.”

Jesse Jackson joined Olbermann in the 10 minute segment and simply stated that, “Obama is on fleek, these crackers at giddy-up are devoid of the tenacity to recognize.”

When reached for comment a spokesperson for Gallup Poll stated that they “started tracking it after about the 50th time we had heard it. It was the most fucking [sic] annoying thing once we realized he’d just keep saying it.”

Gallup also admits that they tried to alter polls that Obama was in during his first elected term when it came to approval ratings and while he ran for re-election, but the numbers were so good that it didn’t matter that they tried to make him look “a bit worse.”

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Obama Hits Milestone with 1000th Utterance of "Let me be clear"