Iran Talks: Obama to Allow One Nuclear Weapon Per Year

In what comes as a shock to many in the international community, President Barack Obama has vocalized support for Iran to be able to create or obtain one nuclear warhead per year. As expected, outrage has been vehemently expressed by Republicans in Congress, and across the country.

In the past month alone, House Speaker John Boehner and 47 noble, America-loving Congress members all tried to ward off such a deal by sending letters to the Iranian leadership and inviting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – but to no avail. Obama, once again, has taken matters into his own hands.

“Let me be clear,” stated Obama to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, “Under the new agreement, If you like your nuclear weapons, you can keep them. If you were unable to obtain them before, international powers can no longer prevent you from getting them.”
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In an almost immediate response to Obama’s speech, a livid John Boehner was broadcast live on Fox News – interrupting portions of Megyn Kelly’s “The Kelly File” and the beginning of Sean Hannity’s appropriately name show, “Hannity.”

“You can’t just allow everyone to have nuclear weapons,” said a clearly frustrated, reddish-orange Boehner, “because nuclear weapons are only for those who deserve to have them. They are for people like you and me,” Boehner said while motioning to his fellow Republicans in Congress. “Most certainly, nuclear weapons are not for the poor, radical nations like Iran who are fundamentally evil and hold different values, priorities, and goals than those who control the United States of America.”

Boehner ended his speech by calling for what many God-fearing Americans have asked for over the years – the impeachment of President Barack Obama on the grounds of treason. The long-awaited impeachment process is likely to begin as early as the middle of April.

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  1. When reached for comment, potential Presidential candidate Mitt Romney responded that, “47% of Americans are takers. They take nuclear weapons and don’t expect to give anything in return. They have come to feel entitled to nuclear weapons and they will vote for whoever they think is going to hand out more nuclear weapons. We’re never going to change their vote. I’m not going to try to change their vote. Wait. You, with the camera and microphone on your shoulder. You’re not recording this are you. This is a private conversation between me and this reporter here, not you. And, of course, Brian Williams will say he was here at this conversation, too.”

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