HGTV Star Candice Olson reveals new “Toilet room”

HGTV Star Candice Olson reveals new "Toilet room"


Divine Design host Candice Olson of HGTV fame has come up with a new concept that may change the way we look at bathrooms and living in general. Introducing: “The Toilet room.”

Olson explained how the seedling of a thought turned into a full-blown, functional reality.

“While I was in the process of taking the Browns to the Superbowl, I said to myself, ‘Hmmm Candice,’ I wonder how much of a person’s life is spent on or near the toilet?”

She claims that she then immediately began to brainstorm and make sketches on her notepad.

“I began to think about ways to use our time better whilst backing the big brown motor home out of the garage.”

Olson quickly realized that a lot of her time was wasted on the pot that could have instead been spent in meetings for her show.

“By simply making a toilet room, with say… eight or so toilets facing each other around a conference table, we can hold meetings without the interference of one person leaving to fax a shit to the toilet machine,” said Olson.

In addition, she highly recommends adding Wi-Fi to the office toilet room so that, “employees can still check email and work while logging into the toilet and making a huge brownload.”

Personalizing a toilet room for the home was the next step for Candice. Her next Divine Design episode will show how to make a toilet room for the family.

“There’s nothing like playing a rousing game of Monopoly with the kids without Grandma having to leave the table 5 times to release the Kraken,” exclaimed Olson.

Now, thanks to Candice, when we have family and friends staying for a visit, we can say, “… And this is the toilet room, where we will be spending the next 9 hours!”

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