Milwaukee to Issue Flamethrowers to Residents


“Milwaukee, Wisconsin Alderman Jim Bohl has made a sweeping decree to issue flamethrowers to all residents in light of slow and ineffective snow-clearing efforts in the city. An order has already been put in with an undisclosed military manufacturer for nearly…”

SeaWorld Refusing to Free Dead Whale


SeaWorld in San Antonio, Texas is refusing to properly dispose of the corpse of the recently deceased, 18-year-old orca named Unna. Instead, the park has opted to continue using the lifeless animal to continue bringing in crowds and doing shows.

With PETA in an uproar and petitions circling the Internet…

Steve Harvey Names Winner From Wrong Planet for Miss Universe


Steve Harvey, miss universe, wrong, winner, planet, kolob, names, crowns, mistake, error

NRA Releases a Warning Regarding Mass Shootings


“Hopefully you are aware of the widespread gun ban suggestions that threaten the United States and your right to arm yourself. Remember: Just because…”

Holiday Tip: Options for Recycling Your Relative – Part 2


“We were quickly made aware that a lot of our readers live in colder climates that do not warrant leaving a frozen corpse outside. So if you live in one of those areas that is just too cold, but you have a fireplace – read on…”

Holiday Tip: Options For Recycling Your Relative

“With the holiday season upon us here in the United States, it’s time to start thinking about which elderly or annoying relative you want to recycle this year…”

Heads of NRA Announce Plan to Stop Mass Shootings


NRA President Wayne LaPierre, and Executive Vice President James W. Porter II have announced a plan to quickly curb mass shootings in the United States of America. Here are their tips for lowering the number of shooting deaths:

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